How to Find the Best Asian Hairdresser for You in Sydney

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Why Asian Hair is Unique

Asian hair is unique mainly because of its round follicle shape, making the hair straight and thick. This shape gives it a coarse texture that can handle heat and styling products well but may also make it oily.

Asian hair grows faster and longer before it falls out, which helps it grow very long. Its straight growth pattern affects how it looks in different hairstyles.

Additionally, Asian hair is denser, with more hair per area, making it heavy and sometimes hard to keep voluminous. Special techniques in cutting and styling are necessary to manage its thickness and avoid frizz.

How to Know if Hairdressers are Experienced with Asian Hair

To find a hairdresser skilled with Asian hair, start by checking social media or online portfolios, like Instagram, for before-and-after photos showcasing their previous work with Asian hair.

This helps you see their expertise and approach. Also, visit salon websites to see if they offer services specific to Asian hair, such as straightening treatments or digital perms.

You can usually find this information in their professional profiles on salon websites or LinkedIn.


How Challenging are Trendy Asian Hairstyles

Trendy Asian hairstyles are varied and challenging to master. Sleek, straight styles, often seen in professional Asian settings, require careful straightening to avoid hair damage.

Soft waves, inspired by Korean celebrities, need skillful curling techniques to achieve a natural look without too much volume, considering the natural thickness of many Asian hair types.

Additionally, the bold cuts from Harajuku street fashion demand creativity from hairdressers, involving experimental cuts, bright colours, and mixing different textures and layers.

These hairstyles are not only rapidly changing but also impact global fashion trends, pushing hairdressers to constantly update their skills to recreate these styles effectively.

What to Expect from Asian Hair Colouring and Treatment

Colouring Asian hair, especially when lightening it, is challenging because it is naturally strong and dark. To achieve lighter colours, a strong bleaching process is needed, which can weaken the hair, making it dry, brittle, and prone to breaking.

This heavy processing also exposes the hair to more damage from things like sunlight and pollution, so it needs extra care and more frequent maintenance.

Additionally, the colour tends to fade quicker, requiring regular touch-ups. Despite these challenges, skilled hairdressers can manage these issues effectively using the right techniques and products to keep the hair healthy.

Why is it Important to First Consult with Professionals?

Consultations are essential before colouring Asian hair. This will allow the stylist to check the current health of your hair and any previous chemical treatments that might influence the new colour. It’s important to clearly discuss what colour you want and what can realistically be achieved with your hair’s type and condition.

Your hairdresser should also give you a detailed plan for maintaining your hair’s health and keeping the colour vibrant between salon visits. This plan may include recommendations for specific shampoos, conditioners, and other treatments. Depending on the condition of your hair, your stylist might also suggest treatments to strengthen your hair before colouring it.