edi minerals logoEdi Minerals is exclusively available at Lily Jackson Hair & Make Up. Edi Minerals provides women with make up that has a conscience. Edi Minerals is an activist for sacred skin. We believe that women should not have to compromise their health or values when choosing make up. Edi Minerals are healthy, safe, honest, respectful and flawless.






 Honesty in make up.

Unlike conventional cosmetics Edi Minerals does not turn a blind eye to toxic ingredients in make up. Edi Minerals is made purely of mineral and plant ingredients and has nothing to hide.

edi minerals makeup

Health & safety of mineral cosmetics.

Just as we take care of what we put into our bodies, Edi Minerals believes we should apply the same care to what we put onto our bodies.

Edi Minerals proudly offers you a versatile high performance make up range that is FREE from chemicals, synthetics or any ingredients that could be potentially harmful.

Edi Minerals is perfect for those with sensitive skin and can be worn after facial surgeries.

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High performance

Edi Minerals make up performs, is beautiful to wear and creates a natural flawless glow to the skin.

The foundations create a luminous water resistant long lasting finish with a buildable level of coverage to suit your needs. Edi Minerals feels weightless and eliminates skin redness and other imperfections through quick and easy-to-master brush or fingertip applications.

True to form, Edi Minerals are also easy to remove.

Love for all living things.edi minerals makeup set

The manufacture of Edi Minerals does not cause harm to other living beings or the environment; no animal testing, no animal ingredients, and sustainable and environmentally conscious business practices.

Edi Minerals is certified vegan and is cruelty free.

Edi Minerals is 100% Australia owned, formulated, produced and packed.


Julie Peacocke – Owner/Director & Make Up Artist

I have been a professional hair and make up artist for over 20 years.  I’ve dedicated my career to finding and using high quality products that deliver on promises.

My work is demanding on many levels and so my health is of prime importance to me and I go to a lot of effort to know what I put in my body and on my body.

I was shocked when I discovered the harmful effects that conventional cosmetics can have on women.

edi minerals magnetic press shadowcaseAfter discovering that mineral makeup delivers an incredibly long lasting, high quality and healthy alternative to conventional cosmetics, I wanted to share this discovery with my clients.

My goal in developing Edi Minerals is to provide you with a make up range that focuses on the essentials, is safe and easy to use and won’t have you clawing at your skin at the end of the day.

I hope you love Edi Minerals as much as I do.

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Carissa Buckley – Manager & Make Up Artist

My passion for make up began over 10 years ago when I was working for an international organisation who developed high quality plant and mineral derived cosmetics.

Seeing the amazing colours and high performance make up that could be developed using plant and mineral ingredients convinced me that honesty and health in cosmetics would become my mission.

I have always been drawn to products that exemplify my own beliefs; no animal testing, no animal ingredients, no petrochemicals or other synthetics that are harmful to humans.  For me personally and professionally mineral make up ticks all of the boxes.

Developing Edi Minerals has been a great adventure and I am excited to offer women quality make up that does not compromise the health of your skin and your values.


Edi Minerals is exclusively available at Lily Jackson Hair & Make Up.

Call us to book in a complimentary trial on (02) 9360 8708. Alternatively, if you are interested in a full make up application or a make up lesson please refer to our menu of delights.