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Why do you choose to become a hairdresser?

By the time I went to what is called primary school here, I found hair really fascinating. I was always trying to recreate celebrity hairstyles from magazines. My mom used to say “You are married to the mirror!”, because I spent hours and hours in front of it. When she gave me pocket money to get my hair done, I preferred to cut it myself, (and save the money for other fun things) and she never noticed.

Then in Year 8 I had a 3 week internship at the hairdressers around the corner where I used to live and that was really good experience and helped me to decide that I did want to become hairdresser.

How long have you been hairdressing?

I have been hairdressing for 15 years now.

Why have you stuck with it?  What’s the best part of your job?

I wanted to be as good as my trainers.

I wanted to learn everything and in time, I realised the more you learn, the more experienced you become. Dedicating years to improving my skills and my craft does not take anything from me BUT definitely helps me grow. If you remain on the ball with your education ie always learning, you can become a specialist in so many areas  and that’s where I find genius.

The best thing about being a hairdresser is that every day and client is different – it never gets boring. There is always something new to learn and client challenge to meet. It’s also a very gratifying profession – you get instant gratification from making clients look and feel amazing. That motivates me, every day. Most other professions do not offer that.

What are you passionate about outside of hairdressing?

I’m crazy about my man :-) and I’m passionate about life. I love nature and I enjoy spending time in it and going on adventures. I’m into the healthy lifestyle, but I have been known to forget everything and enjoy a fun time out.

What’s the funniest moment you remember from your career?

Oh there are a few funny moments I remember, but most I can’t repeat.

While it may not be funny reading about it, I did have to cut a friend’s hair on the beach in WA once using paper scissors. Not my finest hairdressing moment but my friend had been travelling for a long time and anything would have been an improvement. What’s more it was a windy day but it turned out OK and we laughed a lot in the process.

Do you have any career highlights you’d like to mention?

One of my highlights is that in 2009 I was awarded the title of German Master for hairdressing which in Germany is pretty exclusive. I have also assisted and worked back stage for a hair fashion show aired on German TV.

I also see my arrival here in Australia (my new home) as a highlight: packing everything up to travel to the other side of the world to a live and work in a different country and culture, with different languages is a dream of a lifetime.

What’s your favourite music at the moment?

My favourite music is electronic house and techno. I guess it’s normal if you come from Berlin – you kind of grow up with this music. But I listen pretty much to everything and I love to sing, although I’m not a good singer.

Do you have a pet?

Yes we do – a cat called Cat Stevens. He’s a real cutie.

What the question you get asked the most?

Where is your accent from ;-)

Why did you choose Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup?

I want to work for the best, and with the best, and Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup sparked my interest due to their brand values and commitment to excellence.


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