Cy Lily Jackson




Originally from Manila, Philippines, Cybelle completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Technology at a top university and worked in the corporate food industry for several years while completing a Master’s degree in Technology Management.

After 8 years of studying she realised she wasn’t pursuing the thing that ignited her and looked for a change. She discovered her passion lay in beauty and writing, so she started a personal blog about beauty and then never stopped!

Living in year-round warm weather necessitates a certain way of life and this has influenced Cybelle to favour comfortable style choices that can withstand intense heat & humidity. Her love for the “done but undone” aesthetic is very much reflected in her makeup, hairstyle, and fashion choices.

When her partner was offered a PhD in Australia, Cybelle set her sights to work in a beauty-related company. Working for a company with a progressive and forward-thinking culture was really important to Cybelle. And that led her to the Lily Jackson Group. Being able to use the discipline from her scientific background and express herself creatively at work marries both worlds and we are so grateful to have her on board.

Her inspiration for life comes from the encouragement of her beautiful partner and her creative inspiration comes from makeup artists such as, Lisa Eldridge, Nam Vo, Hung Vanngo, and Katie Jane Hughes.