Kelly7From an early age Christie was obsessed with hair and hairdressing.  She taught herself to braid at the age of 4 and would only have dolls for toys so she could cut and style their hair. 

“I remember often getting in trouble because I played hairdressers on my two sisters as well as my dolls! I guess I was always destined to become a hairdresser.  Perhaps hairdressing is a genetic trait for me as my grandfather was a barber.”

Christie Burgess has been hairdressing for over 17 years.  Having been trained by some extremely talented hairdressers, Christie has also travelled abroad to undertake specialist training with some of the best hairdressing academies in the world.

“Hair is my creative outlet, I’ve stuck with it because I’m passionate about it.  I’m fascinated in how diverse hair can be. Our hair is with us everyday, so a good haircut is really important.  A great hairc06-stacy_boyleut can change the way someone feels about themselves and I love having a part in creating that magic.”

Always looking for ways to help and give back, Christie directed a hair show for the hair industry that was running a charity night for Tsunami Relief in 2004.  “It was amazing that I could channel my passion and hairdressing career towards something that provided much needed assistance and help to victims of the tsunami.  Despite having won hairdressing awards, this would have to be one of the highlights of my career.”

To balance her life, Christie practices meditation regularly.  She’s also into yoga, dance and music and you’ll find her bopping away to funk, soul and hip hop tunes.

Other stuff about Christie Lee, Creative Colourist, Stylist and Hairdresser

Funniest moment in my hairdressing career:

Forgetting some dance moves on a hair expo stage event.  I was directing the show and was supposed to do these moves but I got nervous, forgot the moves and was so embarrassed I just laughed and walked off the stage!  Not sure if that’s the funniest moment or most embarrassing.

christiecolourharmony1The question I get asked the most is:

Whether I’m English! And which part of the UK I’m from?

Do you have a pet?

I have a Siamese fighting fish, a pretty little rainbow energy who loves when I’m home.  They say fish have no memory, but I disagree. My fish gets so excited when I’m around his bowl. Very cute. 

What drew you to Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup?Tabitha

I chose lily Jackson because I wanted to be a part of a team and environment that supported my goals and dreams within my career. I take my passion very seriously yet with love. I like to provide my clients with the latest hair fashion and trends in a professional, relaxed, friendly environment. Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup offers all that and more!.. I’m excited to be a part of a passionate motivated team of hairdressers.