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How to use concealer in your makeup routine

Concealer is a highly pigmented product designed to camouflage skin imperfections. It has a dense level of mineral content to provide heavy colour coverage. The most common reason to conceal is to even-out skin tone and eliminate any flaws. Concealers do wonders for unsightly blemishes, darkness under the eyes, redness, pigmentation, scars and even tattoos.

Once you know how and where to apply your concealer you’ll wonder how you did with out it! For a little time spent in front of the mirror and having a good eye for colour, you can make your skin woes disappear, literally!

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Photoshoot Makeup and How to Make it Yours!

Stylist Carl Campbell for Goldwell/KMS Colorzoom 2014

Hair Styled and Coloured by Carl Campbell for Goldwell/KMS Colorzoom 2014

Colorzoom is an annual international award held by Goldwell/KMS. There are 3 awards in the competition covering:

GLOBAL CREATIVE COLORIST – which is open to all GOLDWELL stylists who have more than five years professional experience. The GLOBAL NEW TALENT COLORIST is open to all GOLDWELL junior stylists who have less than five years professional experience. Finally, the GLOBAL PARTNER COLORIST category, which is open to all stylists who already have worked for the GOLDWELL brand as a freelancer, trainer or guest artist. Our team entered the first two categories. Read on to find out more about their looks and the make up  choices by Carissa…

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This Spring/Summer season has not blessed us Sydney locals with the usual non-stop hot summer days and beautiful sultry summer nights. Instead humidity and rainy days seem to be the norm, with only the occasional burst of sunshine. The party season comes rain or shine and we should not let the weather get in the way of our love of fashion and frivolity. Here are some tips about how we can adapt the current makeup trends and incorporate them into our makeup repertoire to make us feel fresh and modern…..

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Lovin’ The New Wet Look!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Hot Wet-Look! for Ready to Wear 2015

Marc by Marc Jacobs Hot Wet-Look! for Ready to Wear 2015

Glossy deep side parts and loose wet look hair are giving us goosebumps! The looks seen on the runways at various Autumn/Winter 2015 shows at the moment are fresh hair-fashion inspiration and we are lapping it up at Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup. Lets take a look at some of the looks we love best in the trend…



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No Sticky Make Up Here Honey!

Sydney can become quite humid and if you’re like me, the feeling of having make up slide down my face like wet-paint is a really uncomfortable experience.  So here are some minimal, quick and effective ways to wear make up through the heat…..

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