Here’s some information about Carlos Sanchez, our Colour Technician and Emerging Stylist

Why did you choose to be a hairdresser?

I grew up surrounded by relatives who are hairdressers and I always loved creating beauty and having fun while doing it. I went to college, but at the end of the day I knew that a desk job wasn’t what I was interested in.

How long have you been hairdressing?

I have been in the industry for over 8 years working as a salon coordinator, assistant and color technician. I have actively been hairdressing for 5 years.

Why have you stuck with it?

I enjoy being able to create beauty for my clients, getting to meet people from all walks of life, and being able to express my creativity through my work.

What’s the best part of your job?

When your clients put their faith and trust in you to create a look that they want and you get to see their smile at the end of the service.  Their happiness and gratitude is the best reward that you can ask for.

What are you passionate about outside of hairdressing?

I love to work out, it allows me to find my zen and push myself to be better than the day before. It is time where I can focus on myself and clear my mind by staying healthy.

Do you have any career highlights you like to mention?

When I was working at Mercer Street Salon in San Francisco, our salon was chosen to do a makeover for television and I was selected to be the color technician. It was a proud moment because it was televised on a Mexican television network and I was able to speak my first language. It was such a buzz to have all my family and friends see it.

What’s your favourite music at the moment?

I enjoy listening to pop, hip hop, and R&B.

Do you have a pet?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a pet but I am a dog lover and if I was to choose, the kind of dog I would like would be an English bulldog.

What’s the question you get asked the most?

“What accent is that?”

I was born and raised in Southern California but lived in San Francisco for three years prior to moving to Sydney in January 2016.

Why did you choose Lily Jackson?

From the moment I did my trial at Lily Jackson Hair and Makeup, I was happy with the way that I was treated. I really respected the honesty and advice that was provided. My clients were in awe by the customer service and it’s important that if your clients come to a salon they feel welcomed and at home. The team at Lily Jackson Hair and Makeup has a wide range of talent and its exciting to be a part of a team where I can contribute my creativity but also be inspired by my team members.