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1. $180 Colour & Cut with our Advanced Stylist & Stylist!

2. Trichovedic Keratin Smoothing Treatment

3. Professional Make Up Application

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 Testimonials from some of our loyal clients

“I’ve never really felt the urge to continually go back to one place for all my hair style, cut and dye needs. Until I found Lily Jackson. The reason why I keep going back to LJ is simple. They take the time to get to know you and your hair and understand how your hair works. I think perhaps this is why I am continually satisfied with every cut or colour. The staff are great and always make you feel welcome. It’s a good place to relax and you’re also guaranteed good results on your new hair style. In fact many of my friends have commented on my hair as of late, which means LJ are doing something right! I am happy to recommend them to anyone!” – Clarizza Fernandez
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“This is conscious and intelligent hairdressing at it’s finest…I was drawn to the salon initially as they are well known for offering a wide range of professional “green” hair colour…I have been so happy with the results; shiny, long lasting colour coverage, as well as the BEST HAIRCUTS I have ever had! But more than that, its just a great experience coming here. The energy of the place is really beautiful and I always feel relaxed and comfortable. There are no egos here….just an extremely talented team of lovely and committed professionals. And my hair has never looked so good” – Karen Grant
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We look forward to seeing you at the salon,

The Lily Jackson Hair & Make Up Team