Hair Extensions

GR2There are good hair extensions.  And there are bad hair extensions. Lots of women have the bad kind.

We’d like to encourage you to get the good kind.  The kind of hair extensions that won’t break the bank, make you bald or keep you in the salon for hours!  These real hair extensions are made from top quality human hair that is obtained ethically.

Hair extensions can be loads of fun, will last a considerable amount of time if you follow the simple and easy care instructions and can totally change your look!

Check out our video to see the benefits of these gorgeous real human hair extensions. Great for lengthening and thickening hair.

We offer Great Length Hair Extensions and WASP Tape Extensions.wasp-logo






Find out more about Great Length Hair Extensions.

Please contact us to arrange for a complimentary consultation at our salon in Darlinghurst, Sydney, which will enable us to supply you with a firm quote that won’t break the bank!

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