Our clients are loving the reduced chemical colour option: Nectaya Professional Colour by Goldwell! We have had Nectaya in the salon for a little while now, so giving it a raving review is definitely overdue, but must be done!

If you are interested in reducing the chemical load of having your hair coloured regularly then this range of colour is definitely worth considering.  The results are amazing, and there are many reasons why! Read on to find out more…


Nectaya is an innovative professional colour range released by Goldwell earlier this year. Goldwell is an internationally established and well-renowned colour company at the forefront of developing hair colour that has met our exacting professional standards.


Nectaya Rich Brunette

Nectaya Rich Golden Brown

Nectaya was developed in over 6 years of extensive research driven by Goldwell’s dedication to colour perfection. The result is a professional colour range with 7 patents pending – and a unique combination of technologies that nurture the hair for a noticeably healthier hair feeling.


Nectaya is fantastic because it is:

  • Ammonia-free – This means a significantly reduced chance of having an allergic reaction to hair colour.  If you’re sensitive to colour, call us to book a consultation and skin patch test first.
  • PPD-free – PPD is an allergen and carcinogen found in most conventional hair dyes, in temporary tattoos and henna. Being PPD free means less chemicals on your scalp and therefore less chance of an allergic reaction. Want to know more about this ingredient? Take a look at our article Lily Jackson & Organic Hair Colour.
  • Providing uncompromising performance of a permanent colour – Giving up to 100% grey coverage and up to 3 levels of lightening.
  • The first ever permanent hair colour with patented IntraLipid™ : to replenish the natural oils inside the hair that can be lost through repeated colouring. These oils are naturally occurring fats such as glycerin and fat soluble vitamins that are part of the make up of hair. Restoring these oils back into your hair means healthier hair – more shine, more lustre, more hydration and less frizz.
  • Full of ingredients that are plant based – having up to 91 % ingredients of natural origin.
  • Enriching hair with deep conditioning Argan Oil during the colouring process. Argan oil has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, healing, sun-protective and moisturising properties, and it has a high content of vitamin E to boot!
  • Pleasant to smell – containing a fragrance that is 100 % natural which means your skin and your senses are less likely to experience an adverse reaction.

Nectaya Natural Blonde


Nectaya offers exceptionally rich colour and imparts amazing shine at the same time as making your hair feel so much healthier in comparison to conventional professional hair colour. It is available in beautiful shades from the Blonde, Brown and Red colour families, offering you unlimited possibilities both in the warm and cool colour spectrum.


Nectaya was developed for a generation of demanding customers, who want great looking hair but not at the expense of health. From our own experience, using this product in the salon including how our clients’ hair looks after the Nectaya experience and how our clients feel about their hair, we know it delivers!


Want to try Nectaya? Contact us for an appointment today. 

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