Our team at Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup demand high performing professional products.  They enable us to explore and provide creative opportunities for our clients and deliver results that are astounding.

We are proud to announce that we have transitioned to using Goldwell Hair Colour and KMS Styling Products! It is an exciting change that both our technicians and our clients are very pleased with!

Our experience with Goldwell colour, is nothing short of incredible:  it makes hair shiny, luminous and beautiful. The colour gives a sophisticated and clean result. Clients are ecstatic with the results whether they’ve taken a new direction with their hair colour, or if they are staying with their existing look.  The vast improvements are noticeable so much so that clients are receiving even more compliments than usual!

I recall a week or so ago, being able to see the amazing shine on one of our client’s hair from our back room when they were sitting in the middle of our salon! The colour makes the hair look so healthy and more natural, with colour formulations being able to be tailored to the individual’s preferences.  The colour is not opaque and ‘blanket-like’ –  instead it creates a natural variation and multi-dimensional colour.  Truly fashion shoot results!

The KMS styling products offer us more flexibility to create a customised at-home care regime that really suits our clients individual needs as the range has 9 categories targeting particular concerns. If you have two or three concerns, we can select products across categories to address them and give you a result much like a prescription for your hair.

The KMS product categories are Hair Stay, Head Remedy, Hair Play, Free Shape, Curl Up, Silk Sheen, Add Volume, Color Vitality, Moist Repair.

The philosophy behind KMS is combining the latest hair care technology with the best nature has to offer. As such all of the products are performance based as well as possessing gorgeous aromas such as almond and basil in Silk Sheen, grape and peppermint in Hair Play, and lilac and ginger in Color Vitality.

The technology aspect includes such things as time-releasing moisture spheres in the Moist Repair range that slowly deliver moisture to your hair throughout the whole day (great for dry hair or to prevent frizz on curly hair). Another KMS advancement is the heat activated styling products in the recently launched Free Shape range. Free Shape Hot Flex Spray and Creme allow you to rework and reshape your style by applying heat to it as many times as you desire. Great if you want straight hair one day and curly the next, without having to rewash and reapply styling products! The product stays in your hair and it has this restyling ability until you next wash your hair. Because these styling aids are heat activated, your style will hold its shape much longer as well! What a great idea!

We are having a great time exploring all that Goldwell Colour and KMS have to offer, why don’t you too! Come in to our salon and get a haircare prescription! It might be exactly what your hair has been asking for.

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  1. Jacine says

    Thanks for the time you spent in the consultation with me last week. I can’t believe how shiny and healthy my hair looks – I have had sooooo many compliments. I promise I’ll never do home colour again! I love you Lily Jackson!!

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