Elumen from Goldwell – Oxidant and Ammonia Free Hair Colour

Elumen Colour by Advanced Stylist Carl Campbell

Elumen Colour by Advanced Stylist Carl Campbell

We are excited about the amazing results we are getting from Elumen hair colour from Goldwell. Elumen is the world’s first high performance oxidant free and ammonia free hair colour that delivers brilliant colour results with incredible durability and shine. 




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Moustache Fun Facts!

Lily Jackson Hair & Make Up's Advanced Stylist Carl Campbell sporting a super-cute Mo' for Movember!

Lily Jackson Hair & Make Up’s Advanced Stylist Carl Campbell sporting a super-cute Mo’ for Movember!

If you have had the pleasure of having our Advanced Stylist Carl Campbell look after your hair whilst in the salon, you’ll know he is a bundle of laughs and will come up with plenty of quirky conversation. Here he fills us in on some moustache facts in recognition of Movember this month…

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Grey Hair Can Be Pure Gold

grey1Grey hair can look stunning. Just because you have grey hair doesn’t automatically mean that you are unfashionable or your hair will look ugly. But you do need a killer cut.

At Lily Jackson Hair & Make Up we’ll create colour and style that will look great for you, taking into consideration your hair type, lifestyle and sense of personal style. Thats why we understand that for those experiencing greying – there needs to be an individually tailored approach. Read on to find out the many options on how to wear grey hair fabulously…



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Fringe Benefits


Full Wavy Fringe with Voluminous Beachy Blowdry


If you’ve been thinking about having a fringe incorporated into your hairstyle, there really is no better time to take the plunge than winter. There are so many different ways to wear a fringe. Let’s explore the possibilities, see why the fringe is such a great element of a haircut, and some important things to think about before having the chop….

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Our clients are loving the reduced chemical colour option: Nectaya Professional Colour by Goldwell! We have had Nectaya in the salon for a little while now, so giving it a raving review is definitely overdue, but must be done!

If you are interested in reducing the chemical load of having your hair coloured regularly then this range of colour is definitely worth considering.  The results are amazing, and there are many reasons why! Read on to find out more…


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Lily Jackson & Organic Hair Colour


At Lily Jackson Hair & Make Up our philosophy is simple – less chemicals not more.

With the plethora of organic hair care products on the market, we’re sorry to inform you that Organic Hair Colour does not really exist.  But there are certainly ways to reduce your exposure to chemicals or avoid animal ingredients in the quest for beautiful hair and an organic or vegan lifestyle.

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